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Sewer Spill and Backup Response
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Spill Emergency Response Plans (SERP): What's Required

Learn about what is required for a Spill Emergency Response Plan according to the updated Waste Discharge Requirements.

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Private Property Infiltration and Inflow

Fact sheet outlining key considerations for municipal utilities establishing a framework for private property I/I (PPII) mitigation activities.

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Residential Sewer Backup Response and Claims Handling

Protocols for Members of the Pooled Liability Program that operate sanitary sewer collection systems to assist in effective response to residential sewer backup incidents.

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Updated Waste Discharge Requirements 2022

State Water Resources Control Board: Statewide Waste Discharge Requirements - General Order for Sanitary Sewer Systems.

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SSO Risk Reduction Practices

Handouts from a presentation by James Fischer, P.E., State Water Resources Board Office of Enforcement Special Investigations Unit.

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Sewer Lateral Backwater Prevention Valves

Guide to different backwater valves including illustrations and diagrams.

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Best Practices for SSO Reduction Strategies

Central Valley Clean Water Association and Bay Area Clean Water Agencies Report


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